NUIST Library was established in 1960 and moved to this new building in 2010. It has a total floor area of 32,414.72 square meters.

                                          The Library's collection is abundant and covers wide subjects. The collection of Atmospheric Science is one of the most complete libraries of the Academic Library in China. Currently, the total printed collection amounts to more than 1.74 million volumes, annual subscription to the printed Chinese and foreign periodicals amounts to 1,786 kinds. Core journals including Atmospheric Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, Information Science and Technology, Computer Science and other disciplines, have a complete collection. Besides, it also has a collection of National and regional atmospheric science and hydro-meteorological data since 1951, and altitude, ground historical weather maps since 1956.Over the past decade the library has introduced and built various types of Chinese and foreign large-scale network database 40.

                                          The Library has 10 large reading rooms of 1,224 square meters, 11 medium-sized reading rooms of 322 square meters, two dense stacks of 300 square meters, with 4,998 shelves and 4,200 reading seats. It has three electronic reading rooms; a multimedia reading room, one reader training room, with 370 computers. Apart from the services of the query with digital resources, downloads and internet access, it also supplies students with internships, examinations, training and other functions. In addition, the library also has a 150-seat modern intelligent academic lecture hall, with analog conferencing system, audio PA system, video system, centralized control system, simultaneous interpretation system, conference recording system, broadcast system and multi-screen monitoring system. The Library is rich in modern flavor and cultural atmosphere.

                                          We are in the service mode of the open-shelf management, collecting, borrowing and reading syncretism, lending and returning united. The library opens 7days per week from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., providing services for 7,000 persons on a daily basis. The computer integrated management system was introduced in 2000. Apart from the regular borrowing services, the library also provides the following services: E-Resource Retrieval, Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery Service, Reference Services, Novelty Search, User Training, Audio-Visual and Multi-media Reading and Information Retrieval Courses for all kinds of users.

                                          Service Time



                                          Monday to Sunday

                                           Service Center

                                           The Hall of First floor


                                           Electronic Reading Room

                                           East of First floor

                                           Multimedia Reading Room

                                           West of First floor

                                           Language & Culture Lending Room

                                           East of Second floor

                                           Engineering Lending Room 1

                                           North of Second floor

                                           Engineering Lending Room 2

                                           West of Second floor

                                           Engineering Lending Room 3

                                           South of Second floor 

                                           Science Lending Room

                                           East of Third floor

                                           Meteorology & Environment Lending Room

                                           North of Third floor

                                           Literature Lending

                                           West of Third floor

                                           Social Science Periodical Reading Room

                                           Southeast of Fourth Floor

                                           Meteorological Data Room

                                           Southwest of Fourth Floor

                                           Foreign Language Back Issues Reading Room

                                           North of Fourth Floor 

                                           Natural Science Reading Room

                                           West of Fourth Floor

                                           Newspaper Reading Room

                                           South of Fourth Floor

                                           Liberal Arts Lending Room 1

                                           East of Fifth Floor


                                           Liberal Arts Lending Room 2

                                           West of Fifth Floor

                                           Art Lending Room

                                           South of Sixth Floor

                                           Division Mapping Books Lending Room

                                           East of Sixth Floor

                                           Natural Science Reading Room

                                           West of Sixth Floor

                                           Foreign Language Lending Room

                                           South of Sixth Floor

                                           Social Science Reading room 1

                                           East of Seventh Floor

                                           Social Science Reading room 2

                                           North of Seventh Floor

                                           Reference Book Reading Room

                                           Northwest of Seventh Floor

                                           Sample Book Reading Room

                                           Southwest of Seventh Floor

                                           CD Lending Desk

                                           Southwest of Second Floor

                                           Monday to Friday


                                           Digital Resource Room

                                           North of Sixth floor

                                           Information Service Room

                                           North of Sixth floor

                                           Website and electronic resources can be accessed all the day.

                                          Ways of Borrowing Books from the NUIST Library

                                          1. The Reader's Card is required to be verified at the entrance of library.

                                          2. Loan Quota & Period


                                          Total Number of Items(Foreign Books )

                                          Loan Period (day)

                                          Renewals (day)

                                          The staff

                                          15 (4)



                                          graduated students

                                          12 (4)



                                          undergraduate students

                                          8 (2)



                                          3. Overdue Items: Readers have a responsibility to returning the book materials in lending period. Any reader is fined for any overdue reading material. The fines are as follows: 0.10RMB per day for Chinese item; 0.20RMB per day for foreign item.

                                          4. Collections in all reading rooms can only be read in the library.

                                          Contact the Library

                                          Address: Library Building

                                          Tel: 86(0)25 58699775  

                                          Email: library@nuist.edu.cn