Brief History

                                          Founded in May 2008, the School of Media and Art consists three undergraduate majors: Animation, Digital Media Art, Art and Technology. Six graduate majors: Digital Media, Sculpturing, Chinese Painting, Film Directing, Broadcasting Hosting and Animation. Also includes a 3+1 Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools in Digital Media Art.

                                          School of Media and Art has already set up a rational, creative team to teach and research and gather a team of well-known artists. The school has more than 50 research staff members, including 16 associate professors, 10 staff members with doctor degree, more than 30% of the tutors have overseas teaching experience. Our teaching staff members have animation, digital media art and exhibition design expertise.. At the same time, the school recruits famous artists, such as Weishan Wu, Jirao Lin, Ping Gu, Yingjie Song, Dingzhen Zhu, Qiang Tang, etc to join the graduate teaching.

                                          Our staff members pay attention on how to improve the manipulative ability for students and actively construct the quality assurance for practical teaching. Due to the schools attempts in recent years, in 2015 the school was approved from the Digital Creative Practical Education Centre of Jiangsu, constantly strengthen the system, and strive to create a high-quality practical teaching platform. School of Media and Art has already established Meteorological Animation Teaching Platform. It affords the pedagogical tasks of Digital Media Art. School of Media and Art has also established specific laboratories and media rooms to support the international teaching collaboration.

                                          School of Media and Art has 16 laboratories which have large interactive touch screens, 3D projector NEC PA550W, graphics workstation IBM XEON X5450, single-lens reflex camera 5DMarkIII, sound console Yamaha 01V96VCM, condenser microphone NeumannU87Ai, etc. Total value is about 4.5 million. The laboratory configuration has a high level in digital media, CG and Exhibition.

                                          At the same time, the school enhances the practice bases out of the campus. Our school has the long-term stable collaborative relations with Nanjing Original Force computer animation company, Perfect Power (Nanjing branch), Jiangsu Hua Bo Creative Industry Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu play group, Jiangsu Province Meteorological practice base film and Television Centre, Nanjing Yan gushing Technology Co. Ltd, Huafeng meteorological media group, altogether about 20 practice bases. These high quality education resources provide a good basis for our students to learn occupational skill knowledge, work experience and requirements for future employment.

                                          The school insists the principles of "Art Blending with Science and Technology, Professional Skill Suitable with Marketing” for purpose. For years, the school has been working in accordance with the educational philosophy of rigorous scholarship and commitment to serving the society, maintaining a up-to-date knowledge of the development of animation and digital media and arts around the world, enforcing exchanges with leading institutes in the same field and companies at home and abroad and building a healthy academic atmosphere for cultivating talents.

                                          Degree Programs

                                          Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

                                          1. Animation

                                          2. Digital Media Art

                                          3. Digital media Art (Cooperative School) specialty

                                          4. Art and Technology

                                          Masters Degree(3years)

                                          1. Animation

                                          2. Digital Media Art

                                          3.Traditional Chinese Painting


                                          5.Broadcasting Host

                                          6.Film and Television Director


                                          Achievements in scientific research, personnel training, international cooperation and exchange.

                                          Some of the major successes of the past 5 years include more than 30 research projects by staff, and more than 40 scientific research projects at national and provincial level. More than 20 textbooks have been written by staff and published, and works of more than 200 pages and published papers have been selected at or above the provincial level professional exhibition nearly 50 times.

                                          The school has running 8 years for undergraduate students and 2 years for master students, currently nearly 1000 students so far. In the national and provincial competitions our students have repeatedly recorded success, during three years obtaining more than 50 national awards and more than 100 provincial awards. Among them, in 2016, the Chinese college students’ computer design contest, our college students achieved the national first prize with outstanding results. Since 2008, the employment rate of our undergraduate students has reached 99%, of which high-quality employment rate of up to 97%, over a wide range of employment in higher level employment units, enterprises and institutions alike.

                                          The school attaches great importance to teaching management of "digital media art" 3 + 1 professional Chinese foreign cooperative education projects and training quality, teaching tasks, teaching methods and the teaching level of the internationalization of education curriculum docking, continuous improvement. In 2016, 19 of our students studied overseas (in UK) and all of these obtained the degrees from both sides.

                                          In 2013, the school entered cooperation with Anglia Ruskin University. The 3+1 International Collaboration Teaching Program has already past the undergraduate teaching assessment given by Chinese Ministry of Education in 2015 successfully and became the first art program which past the assessment. At the same time, this program got approve of Jiangsu Higher Education High Level Model Construction Project in 2016 and became the first Chinese-Foreign Cooperation Demonstrating Program. It is the only one art demonstrating program in Jiangsu province.          

                                          The school is based on domestic and international exchanges and cooperation. The world famous city Nanjing Week Organizing Committee invited our school to held "Nanjing Bi-city Art Biennale” in Cambridge in September 22, 2016, fully demonstrated to the teachers and students work and Nanjing culture as the theme of educational achievement; in September 2016, established by our Institute (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology), Anglia Ruskin university, National Jiangbei District, Nanjing national creative design centre, Nanjing District of Pukou City Cultural Industry Association to build the China UK Creative Center. The base has been built to expand the international horizons of college teachers and students, and develop exchanges to provide a broader and solid platform.

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                                          Office of international relations

                                          Tel: +86-25-58699883



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