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                                          Brief Introduction

                                          Marxism School of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology dates back to Marxism-Leninism teaching and research office established in 1960. Through the periods of social science department and social science faculty, it is renamed “Education Center of Ideological and Political Theory Course”. Marxism School, set in the  School of Public Administration, was formally established in 2012, and work independently on October, 2014. As an independent school, Marxism School have had the fast development in various aspects. In the announcement of Marxist theoretical disciplines ranking of all Chinese universities of Shanghai Soft Science in 2017, Marxism School was ranked 51st and top 25%.

                                          Degree Programs

                                          Marxist theorythree years


                                          Marxism School have a high-level teachers and mentors with different ages and good academic background, professional title, academic structure. The school has 42 full-time teachers, 7 part-time teachers. Doctorate rate of full-time teachers reaches 71.4%, doctorate rate of teachers under 40 reaches 100%. A dozen teachers are elected in “Talent Program”, including “Province Five-batches Program”, “333 high level talent training program”, “Jiangsu Province Blue Program”, “Nanjing hundred cultural talent training program”, “Jiangsu Province Six types of peak high-level talents and Youth Outstanding Talent support Programme of Education Department. 3 teachers of the school are the members of Ideological and Political Education Committee of Jiangsu Province. The school has 23 Master Tutors graduated from the famous universities such as Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Shandong University, Southeast University, Huazhong Normal University, Nanjing Normal University and Suzhou University. 72% of them have doctor degree.


                                          Marxism School puts highly emphasis on the teaching, and carries out educational and teaching reform. The school undertakes over 30 teaching reform programs. The Construction and Practice of “Three Identities, Four Double Drivers” Teaching Model won the 1st prize of 2013 Jiangsu Province Government Excellent Education Results. “‘Subject intersection, Multiple cooperation’: the Practical Exploration of Postgraduate Training Model of Marxist Theoretical Discipline ” won the 3rd prize of 2015 Jiangsu Province Postgraduate Training Model Reform Achievement. “‘Three Self Integration’ Educational Modal of Postgraduate Ideological and Political Theoretical Course” won the 2nd prize of 2017 Jiangsu Province Government Excellent Education Results. Professor Zhou Xianxin was nominated as the candidate of the most influential ideological and political theory teachers in colleges and universities of Education Ministry. In the recent 3 years, there were 5 teacher appraised as famous teacher, several teachers won the excellent teaching achievement prize and excellent courseware prize. The school published over 30 papers about teaching research or teaching reform on core journal or above.

                                          Marxism School also puts emphasis on research, and encourages the interaction between research and teaching. The school reaches the rich research achievements. The school has published over 320 papers on core journals and above, including 53 papers on authoritative journals, 180 papers on CSSCI, and published 18 academic monographs, 5 translation books. In recent 5 years, the quality of national social science funds of the school has kept top 5 in the discipline of all universities in Jiangsu Province, which keeps the 1st with NNU in 2012, and with JNU in 2014. The quality of later funded program of national social science ranked top 3 in similar colleges of the province. The school undertook 153 projects, including 1 important bidding project of national social science fund, 1 key project of national social science fund, 19 ordinary projects, youth projects and later fund projects, 84 education ministry projects and the 48 other projects. The school has adequate funding for scientific research with 7.587 million yuan funds, and 180.6 thousand yuan per person.

                                          Marxism School attach importance to establishing discipline platform for the development of teachers and students. The school was approved the first-level discipline Master's degree in 2011. In 2015, the school with approval of Propaganda Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee established the research center theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics of Jiangsu Province, which is one of the first 15 centers. In the same year, Marxism theoretical discipline of the school with approval of Education Department of Jiangsu Province became the key discipline in the province. In 2016, Marxism School was apprised as one of ten best schools in the province, and the honor was kept in the new round of confirmation in 2018.In 2017, research team on “the theory and practice of governing the state of CCP” was appraised as the excellent innovation team of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Colleges and Universities. In 2018, the school was approved to organize the postgraduate innovation forum of Jiangsu Province.

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