College of Literature

                                          Brief Introduction

                                          History: The College of Liberal Arts, formerly known as the College of Languages and Cultures, was founded in 2006 on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and the Department of Foreign Languages. In 2017, it was renamed the College of Liberal Arts. Currently, the College has 4 departments including the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Department of College English, one provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, one Mandarin training and test center and ten research centers.
                                          It has 2 master's programs in Foreign Languages and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, and 3 professional master's programs in translation (MTI), Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL), and meanwhile, it provides training courses on Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (drama director and broadcasting host). The College offers doctoral degree programs on Business and Administrative Communication of Management Science and Engineering specialty, thus forming a complete academic education system with bachelor, master and doctoral degrees programs. At present, the College has nearly 1,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and over 100 foreign students coming here for studying Chinese.
                                           Specialties: The College provides courses of 5 undergraduate majors, i.e. English, Japanese, Translation, Chinese Language and Literature, TCSOL(Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), in 11 professional areas: English (International Business, Technical English), Japanese (Japanese Language and Literature, Comprehensive Application), Translation (first of its kind in Jiangsu Province), Chinese Language and Literature (Creative Culture and Communication, Secretarial and Cultural Service, Literature of Theatre Film & Television), TCSOL (Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese and Chinese-Korean).
                                            Faculty: In the team building of teaching staff, the college has combined the introduction of excellent talents with measures to improve full-time teachers’ academic qualifications as well as their teaching and research competence and to optimize the age structure, professional titles and academic structure, thus having formed a team of teachers who are full of dynamism, adaptable to disciplinary development, rational in structure and capable of meeting the needs of teaching and scientific researches. The college currently has 134 full-time teachers, including 18 full professors, 46 associate professors and 5 members of Jiangsu Qing Lan Project, more than 50 graduate tutors (including 1 doctoral supervisor), over 60 teachers with doctoral degrees and 10-plus Ph.D. candidates. Over 40% full-time teachers have experiences of overseas education.   

                                          Academic research: In recent years, over 1,400 academic papers have been published by the teachers or students of our College as the lead authors. The College have undertaken more than 360 research projects at various levels, including 127 high-level projects (36 at national-level, 91 at provincial and ministerial level), along with the publication of 84 monographs and 40-plus awards at all levels. The College has established the MTI Education Center, the TCSOL Research Center, the Foreign Literature Research Center, the Translation Studies Center, the Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Research Center, the Center of Area/Regional and International Studies, the Arts and Aesthetics Research Center, Ancient Chinese Literature Research Center, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Research Center, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Research Center and the Center for Study of Chinese Classical Texts among many other research institutions and teams.

                                          Teaching Achievements: According to the 2017 China University Rankings, the discipline of literature of our college ranked A in terms of disciplinary strength, or No.6 in Jiangsu and 47th in China. In 2011, the TCSOL major was ranked Excellent in its evaluation and acceptance, or the No.1 among peer universities that received the same assessment in the same year.

                                          In the past five years, the college has chaired 73 education reform projects at provincial and university levels, winning nearly 60 awards for various teaching achievements and publishing 19 textbooks and more than 140 teaching and research papers. Our students have also started 38 practice and innovation projects (with 11 at national level and 38 at provincial level). The graduation theses of 23 students have been ranked Excellent Graduation Thesis at provincial level. Two teachers who participated in the 7th SFLEP National Foreign Language Teaching Contest in Jiangsu Division exceled in college English comprehensive team and in Audio and Video Team and won Grand Prize respectively, with another one winning the 3rd Prize in the team of English majors. They won the 2nd and the 3rd prizes in the national final respectively.  

                                          Talent Cultivation: The students of our college feature solid professional foundation, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality and high employment rate. For example, Sui Jie’s Cavalry Battalion project won the silver medal of the 2nd China “Internet +” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2016; Yang Da-lei, who majors in Chinese language and literature, won the 1st prize of the National Youth Bing Xin Literature Contest in 2017; Guo Cong-ying, who majors in Chinese language and literature, won the gold medal in the Jiangsu Public Welfare Contest Youth Creation Competition in 2017; Fu Yu, a Japanese major, won the 1st prize of the “2012 Sasagawa Cup· Perceiving-Japan Literature Contest”; Zeng Chen, who specializes in translation, was admitted to Bath University, one of the top 4 universities for translation studies. Many English majors have won the Grand Prize in National English Competition for College Students and the 1st Prize in CCTV English Speech Contest in Jiangsu.

                                          The proportion of our students being admitted to master degree programs has grown rapidly with a considerable number of them successively enrolling in top universities like Peking University, Nanjing University and Beijing Foreign Studies University. The college has established stable international cooperation mechanisms with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan etc., as well as various student exchange programs so to provide students with more opportunities for further study.

                                          Advantages and features: 1. Extensive international cooperation and exchanges.  We have established cooperative relations with many foreign universities and scientific research institutions such as the Max Planck Institute in Germany, the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge, UK, the University of Central Lancashire, the Washburn University in the United States, and the Niigata University of Management in Japan. 2. Leading the development of disciplines with strong scientific research capability; 3. Cross-integration of disciplines of foreign languages and Chinese.

                                          Degree Programs

                                          Undergraduate major (four years)

                                          1. English

                                          2. Japanese

                                          3. Translation

                                          4. Chinese language and literature

                                          5. Chinese International Education

                                          Master degree program (three years / two years)

                                          1. Master degree in foreign language and literature---First-level Discipline

                                          2. Master degree in Chinese language and literature.--- First-level Discipline

                                          3. Master of translation and interpreting

                                          4. Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)

                                          Faculty Members

                                          Current leaders



                                          Professional title

                                          contact number



                                          Li Jian-bo




                                          Party secretary

                                          Zhu Qing-feng




                                          Deputy dean

                                          Zhang Jun




                                          Deputy dean

                                          Shen Chun-lei

                                          Associate  Professor



                                          Deputy dean

                                          Sun Ji-qiang




                                          Deputy Party secretary. Deputy dean

                                          Yang Chang-nian

                                          Associate researcher



                                          Assistant to the dean

                                          Jiao Jun-xia

                                          Associate Professor



                                          Teaching Staff of Chinese Department

                                          I. Literature and Culture Team

                                          It consists of 21 teachers, including 12 with senior titles, 20 doctoral degree holders and 1 doctoral candidate in a reasonable age structure. The team members have been approved and sponsored to research on about 30 projects at national, provincial and ministerial level by National Social Science Fund, NSSF Post-project Funding Program, MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Fund and Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund etc.

                                          The team engages in three research areas.

                                          1. Ancient Chinese Literature

                                          This direction mainly involves the studies on literary thoughts, various literary works and cultural classics from the pre-Qin period to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

                                          2.Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

                                          This direction mainly focuses on the studies on various literary phenomena, trends and works since 1912.

                                          3.Foreign Literature and Comparative Literature Studies

                                          This direction mainly includes the studies on foreign literary trends, phenomena and the comparison of Chinese and foreign literature.

                                          II  The Chinese Linguistic Team.

                                          The linguistics team currently has 8 teachers, including 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 7 doctoral degree holders, and 1 doctoral candidate. The team’s main research interests include ancient Chinese, modern Chinese, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL), language policy and planning etc. The team members have been approved and sponsored to research on about 30 projects at national, provincial, ministerial and municipal level by National Social Science Fund, NSSF Post-project Funding Program, MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Fund and Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund etc., with the publication of40-plus academic papers.

                                          1. Chinese Philosophy Study

                                          This direction mainly involves the study on Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, semantics and historical evolution.

                                          2. TCSOL Research

                                          This direction is mainly about TCSOL language policy and planning research.

                                          III  The Literature and Art Team

                                          There are 8 teachers in the literature and art team, including 1 professor, 5 associate professors and 2 lecturers. The main research direction of the team includes art theory, art aesthetics, art communication and secretarial writing. The team members have been approved and sponsored to research on 3 projects at national level by National Social Science Fund and NSSF Post-project Funding Program, nearly 10 projects at provincial, ministerial and municipal levels by MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund and China Meteorological Administration Meteorological Soft Sciences Programs etc., with the publication of academic papers exceeding 40.

                                          1.Cultural Communication and Creative Research

                                          This direction mainly involves interdisciplinary research in the fields of art, communication and creative industries, including art theory studies, new media art, art communication ecology and artistic creative planning.

                                          2.Art Aesthetics and Cultural Studies

                                          This direction mainly focuses on interdisciplinary researches on artistic aesthetics and cultural studies, including urban culture, visual arts, language, poetic criticism and scientific philosophy.

                                          Teaching Staff of English Department

                                          I. Teaching Staff for Comprehensive English Course

                                          Comprehensive English Course is one of the most widely studied courses in college. There are 10 teaching staffs for this course including 6 with titles above associate professorship, i.e., 60% with senior titles. Most of the key members of the team have won the Excellent Teaching Quality Award of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

                                          The teaching team for Comprehensive English Course takes the responsibility of improving students’ quality in humanities and adheres to a school-running orientation of cultivating high-level talents. Basing on the revised talent cultivation program, a teaching team featuring rational echelon, relatively high competence, new technologies and innovative ideas has been formed.

                                          II  Teaching Staff for Translation Course

                                          The team consists of 10 teachers who have long been engaged in teaching application-oriented translation and interpreting courses, including 6 with senior tittles and 4 with lectureship. They have reasonable structures of knowledge, age and academic background. Currently, the team has grown into 4 subgroups for the teaching of basic translation, literary translation, practical translation and interpreting.    

                                          The team has been continuously researching on the new ways, ideas, systems and patterns for the cultivation of translators, with further construction of core curricula, teaching materials, network teaching resources and practice-oriented teaching platforms. Recent years have seen great progress in educational research and reform, talents training, scientific research and team building.

                                          Teaching Staff for Japanese Department

                                          The Japanese Department currently has 18 in-service teachers, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and 3 doctoral degree holders. The teaching team has a reasonable age structure with 1 teacher older than 51, 6 between 41-50, and 11 under 40. The team mainly undertakes the teaching of basic, key and Elective courses of Japanese.

                                          The teaching team of Japanese Department adheres to the principle of equipping students with “solid foundation, broad perspective and high quality”. On the basis of revised talent cultivation program, the team has spared no effort in the teaching of Japanese majors. With active participation in teaching contests at all levels, many team members have won the Excellent Teaching Quality Award of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology among other prizes. On top of teaching, they also have wide engagement in the educational reform and researches, with the publication of a series of high-quality papers in the area.

                                          Scientific research

                                          The discipline of Chinese language and literature mainly includes 7 categories of researches, namely, Chinese ancient literature, Chinese modern and contemporary literature, comparative literature and world literature, Chinese philosophy, TCSOL, cultural communication and creativity, artistic aesthetics and cultural studies.

                                          The discipline of foreign language and literature mainly includes 4 areas of researches, i.e., foreign literature, foreign linguistics, translation studies, area/regional and international studies

                                          Research Team

                                          Scientific research areas

                                          The discipline of foreign language and literature mainly includes 5 research directions, namely, foreign literature, foreign linguistics, translation theory, translation and cross-cultural studies, and the teaching of translation.

                                          The discipline of Chinese language and literature include 7 categories of studies, namely, Chinese ancient literature, Chinese modern and contemporary literature, foreign literature and comparative literature, Chinese philosophy, TCSOL, cultural communication and creativity, artistic aesthetics and cultural studies.

                                          Research Team

                                          Translation Studies Center

                                          Research directions: machine translation; translation evaluation; science and technology translation

                                          Director: He San-ning

                                          Deputy Director: Chen Zhi-jie, Sun Chuan-ling, Yuan Yu

                                          Fellow members: Lv Hong-yan, Wu Wen-juan, Xia Yang, Zhang Lan, Pan Min,Gu Qiu-ping

                                          Foreign Literature Research Center

                                          British and American Literature Studies, American Minority Literature Studies, Western Literary Theory and Cultural Studies, Narratology and Comparative Literature Studies

                                          Director: Du Yu-sheng

                                          Deputy Director: Zhao Ya-min  Xia Yuling

                                          Fellow members: Li Jian-bo, Zhang Jun, Zhang You-yan, Zhang Li-juan, Chen Xu, Gao Hui, Wang Mi, Zhang Dong-mei, Zhang Qiu-mei, Lu Qi, Ju Hong, Wu Jie, Yang Bo, Liu Yi, Ma Yan, Meng Qing-fen, Shi Jia, Yi Zhi, Zhang Mei, Wang Li, Xia Xiao-zhen, Deng Jie, Huang Hai-qi

                                          Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Research Center

                                          Research directions: English language and literature

                                          Mainly involving: language acquisition and processing, teaching methodology, syntax, language philosophy, foreign language education, lexicography, terminology translation, critical discourse analysis, pragmatics theory and practice, cognitive grammar, Chinese grammar, academic English writing, functional linguistics, translation, foreign language teaching and teacher development

                                          Director: Zheng You-qi

                                          Deputy Director: Wang Hui  Lu Hua-guo Chen Zhong-yi

                                          Fellow members: Zeng Yi-xuan, Chen Mei-song, Guo Lin, Hao Xia, Huang Hui, Jiang Ping, Li Li-hua, Li Xiao-sa, Li Wei, Liu Jie-hai, Mi Jian-rong, Wang Hong-cheng, Wang Jing, Wang Ling, Wei Xiao-xu, Xiong Ming-li, Yang Chun-hong, Yao Chun-zhen, Yuan Hong-mei, Yuan Xin, Zhang Hou-zhen, Zhang Jin-wei, Zhang Jing, Zhang Ya, Zhao Cai-e, Zheng You-qi, Zhou Zhi-hao, Hu Cha-juan, Lu Zheng-hai

                                          Center of Area/Regional and International Studies

                                          Research areas: Japanese studies, American studies, European countries studies, South Asian studies

                                          Director of Japanese Studies Center: Sun Chuan-ling

                                          Director of English and American Studies Center: Du Fei

                                          Faculties: Sun Ji-qiang, Zhu Qin, Zhao Dong-mei, Jiang Li-ping, Qu Bai-ling, Liu Zhi-qiang, Lu Jing-shi, Pan Xia, Yin Na, Lin Ming-yue, Zhang Dan, Li Qing-nian, Cai Yan-hui, Chen Tian, and Ye Lei-lei.

                                          Literature, Art and Aesthetics Research Center

                                          Research directions: interdisciplinary researches on literature and art, the relationship of meteorological Aesthetics with literature and science. The interdisciplinary researches on literature and art mainly include the relationship between Chinese literature and images, the relationship between foreign literature and images, the relationship between transmission of urban cultures and literature, the relationship between the transmission of folk arts and literature, the relationship between the transmission of operas and literature.

                                          Director: Wang Dong

                                          Deputy Director: Li Ying  Zhu Yi-ning

                                          Fellow members: Liu Jin-hua, Ma Ling-yan, Chen Lin, Zhang You-yan, Zhang Li-juan, Gao Hui, Ju Hong

                                          Ancient Chinese Literature Research Center

                                          Research directions: ancient literature

                                          Mainly involving: Prose of the Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties, novels of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, poems of the Tang and Song Dynasties, ci-poems of the Tang and Song Dynasties, poetry of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ci-poems of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Operas of Ming and Qing Dynasties

                                          Director: Zhang Chou-ping

                                          Deputy Director: Shi Hua-na Zhu Qiu-juan

                                          Center members: Li Zhong-ming, Zhang Jing, Zhang Lan-lan, Zhang Chou-ping, Shi Hua-na, Zhao Chao, Zhu Qiu-juan, Liu Hao, Ju Chuan-you

                                          Chinese Center for Modern and Contemporary Literature

                                          Research directions: Republic of China literature, folk literature

                                          Director: Wei Hong-rui

                                          Deputy Director: Ma Hang-fei Pan Sheng

                                          Center members: Zhang Yong, Kong Ling-yun, Liu Yuan, Zhang Shou-tao, Chu Qing-hua, Pang Xiu-hui

                                          Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

                                          Research directions: ancient Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar and its historical development; modern Chinese grammar; language planning and language policy

                                          Director: Fu Yi-qin

                                          Deputy Director: Bao Jin-hua Zhang Yan

                                          Center members: Yu Jin-en, Zhang Hui

                                          Chinese Classical Philology Research Center

                                          Research directions: The collation and study of ancient Chinese classics and the promotion of Chinese traditional culture.

                                          Mainly involving: Qing Dynasty book collections and culture, Dunhuang literature, the history of parallel prose, the historical literature materials of the Tang and Song dynasties, the history of meteorological science and technology.

                                          Director: Pan Ting-ting

                                          Deputy Director: Du Zheng-gan Wu Chun-yan

                                          Center members: Chen Shu-wen, Jiao Jun-xia, Qu Hong-yan, Zhang Die-li, Zhou Xiao-shan

                                          TCSOL Research Center

                                          Research directions: Chinese and foreign language planning research, Chinese international communication history, teaching and acquisition research on Chinese as a second language, comparative studies on Chinese and foreign languages, etc.

                                          Director: Sun Hui-li

                                          Deputy Director: Yu Jin-en Fu Yi-qin Xu Kai-yan

                                          Center member: Piao Gui-hua

                                          Scientific research platform

                                          Meteorological historical literature information platform (project sponsored by central finance)

                                          Contact Us:

                                          College Office: 025-58731365 025-58731360 025-58695714

                                          Students Affair Office: 025-58731306 025-58731304

                                          College website: http://cla.nuist.edu.cn


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